No More Break-Ins – Advance Locksmiths

No More Break-Ins – Advance Locksmiths

One financial crisis you definitely can't prepare yourself for is a Break-in. Did you know that around a 2.5million break-ins happen each year in the world? Advance locksmiths ensure that your locks are installed correctly, making your home or business safe and secure.


Kildare Locksmiths


Advance locksmiths is a Kildare based locksmiths. We are here to ensure that your home is safe and secure. Our many services to prevent Break-ins include:

  • Emergency lockout response
  • Burglary Repair for Windows and Door Locks
  • Lock Replacement
  • Changing Locks
  • Burglary Repair for Windows and Door Handles
  • Repair from key breaking in Lock.


How often do Break-Ins occur?


Did you know that Break-Ins occur most often between 10 am and 3 pm? Yes! That does mean that they mostly happen in the middle of the day. Break-ins happen when your house is the most vulnerable, like when you are at work, or the kids are in school.
Did you also know that 34% of Break-ins happen with the trespasser walking straight through the front door? At our Kildare Locksmiths, we want to ensure that your home is safe and secure.


How can you prevent a Break-In?


There are many ways that you can prevent a break-in. The most important prevention technique that our Kildare Locksmiths recommend is checking and maintaining your locks every month. Ensure that all locks are working and locking correctly to make breaking into your home more difficult.
Another recommendation is to ensure that all of your personal belongings are out of sight through all windows. This will prevent most burglars from picking your locks to rob them.


How often should you change your locks?


Our Kildare based locksmiths recommend changing your locks every seven years in case your locks have gotten damaged. If your key wobbles in the lock, feels loose or is sticking, it is best to change your locks as it will prevent burglars from being able to enter your home. It will also prevent your key from getting stuck and breaking in the lock, resulting in you not getting stuck out of your house in the long term.


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